183.0 – No change

Well, at least I didn’t gain anything over the last day but maybe if I clipped my nasty toenails I’d realize some more weight loss success!

Today is my last day off for a few weeks. I work for one of the houses of the state legislature and the summer is generally speaking a quiet time. Unfortunately, due to circumstances in the last month, things were very busy. It felt good to get out for a few days and also to be blessed with some good weather. I only need to pull the tape off of the walls in my bedroom and I’m all set.

Not too much to report today. The weather is great and I wish I were down in Washington Park reading or just laying in the grass.  Instead I’m here readying myself for the task of pulling off the the rest of the blue tape that I used to guard the trim amd mouldings. There’s still a lot to be done. All that tape – perhaps a 500 feet worth of it – has to be picked off of the ground. One of my true pet peeves is in the weeks after you paint and still find that sticky blue tape everywhere. The worst is when it sticks to bottom of your shoes, pants or to the bristles of the broom you’re using to remove it. That’s why even if I have to make my back even more sore than it is by getting down on my hands and knees to pick it all up, I’ll do that. That’s how much I hate that stuff. Another pet peeve is something that really makes me feel like trash, which is paint cans. You know you’ve reached adulthood when you have tons of paint cans – empty or partially full – around your apartment. Over the last two years we’ve collected far too many. I just missed the city’s hazardous waste pick up day for the month, but early in August, I have an opportunity to get rid of the many cans of spent paint that litter my front and pack porches and make me feel like I’m living in a tragic trailer court. Well, time to take care of the tape.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Why does AMC edit from Bachelor Party the donkey snorting cocaine yet leaves in the shot of it eating qualudes and speed? I’d say I’d write a letter asking them, but really now, I hardly have the motivation or the sense of irony to do that.