It’s been about a month or so since I last posted my weight to this blog. I am happy to report that today at least, I weighed in at below 180. I believe this has to do not so much with my frequent running around Albany but instead the addition of weight training into my repertoire. I’ve never quite had too much success with weights in the past because I believe I pushed it too hard to quickly and at the same neglected to watch what I was eating.

Anyway, I found a very basic set of

instructions in August’s edition of Mens Health magazine which lays out three sets of exercises that can be done. I don’t have it in front of me right now, but I’ll share it with you later (if anyone is reading this).

This time around, I’ve really liked doing weight training. It’s exhilirating, particularly when the form is the right way. That and various reasonable abdominal exercises have really helped a lot.


183.0 – No change

Well, at least I didn’t gain anything over the last day but maybe if I clipped my nasty toenails I’d realize some more weight loss success!

Today is my last day off for a few weeks. I work for one of the houses of the state legislature and the summer is generally speaking a quiet time. Unfortunately, due to circumstances in the last month, things were very busy. It felt good to get out for a few days and also to be blessed with some good weather. I only need to pull the tape off of the walls in my bedroom and I’m all set.

Not too much to report today. The weather is great and I wish I were down in Washington Park reading or just laying in the grass.  Instead I’m here readying myself for the task of pulling off the the rest of the blue tape that I used to guard the trim amd mouldings. There’s still a lot to be done. All that tape – perhaps a 500 feet worth of it – has to be picked off of the ground. One of my true pet peeves is in the weeks after you paint and still find that sticky blue tape everywhere. The worst is when it sticks to bottom of your shoes, pants or to the bristles of the broom you’re using to remove it. That’s why even if I have to make my back even more sore than it is by getting down on my hands and knees to pick it all up, I’ll do that. That’s how much I hate that stuff. Another pet peeve is something that really makes me feel like trash, which is paint cans. You know you’ve reached adulthood when you have tons of paint cans – empty or partially full – around your apartment. Over the last two years we’ve collected far too many. I just missed the city’s hazardous waste pick up day for the month, but early in August, I have an opportunity to get rid of the many cans of spent paint that litter my front and pack porches and make me feel like I’m living in a tragic trailer court. Well, time to take care of the tape.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Why does AMC edit from Bachelor Party the donkey snorting cocaine yet leaves in the shot of it eating qualudes and speed? I’d say I’d write a letter asking them, but really now, I hardly have the motivation or the sense of irony to do that.

183 on the dot

I’m like Delta Burke or worse, Kirstie Alley. One day I’m down some weight, the next day I’ve ballooned all the way back up. Holy Ho-Hos, I’m up to 183 from 182.6 just yesterday. Must have been that late night slice of bread. I’m such a fat piece of shit. I should torment myself for the rest of the day eating nothing but ice cubes and the dust bunnies I’m finding around the apartment. I’m monster.

182.6 (but the scale may be lying)

I photoshopped in some contrast and excessive lighting to cover up for the the fact that my toenails are disgusting. I’d better do something about that. On another blog that I have – which I’m pretty much done writing on – I have written about my weight loss journey. When I started, I was somewhere upwards of 220 lbs. Now I’m down significantly from there, without the help of weight loss aids. It’s involved more than anything just being more disciplined about what I eat and how much exercise I get.

Nevermind the toenails, just look at the number

At noontime, when I woke up, I went out for a run. It was about 4 miles. I’m good and sweaty now and have a few errands to run before going to a BBQ in which I’m supposed to bring something non-meat for my friend to cook up.

I’ve been telling myself that I want to get down to 175 for sometime. Last spring, when I was at about 188, I was telling myself I’d do it by mid summer. Fast forward to mid-summer right now and I’m still not there. A few weeks ago I was up around 189 (and no, it wasn’t the toenails), and I’ve brought it down a bit. Really, I’d like to Biggest Loser myself down to 175, but without the ridiculously unrealistic workout standards; just watching what I eat and how I feel.

The scale recorded a few weights today – one before and after I used the rest room. Then it didn’t seem to add any weight for the camera I was carrying around my neck. I made sure to put it on the most level part of my floor and then reweighed myself. It then recorded the previous low weight of 182.6 and I remembered, the scale has a memory function that it suppoed to account for being shuffled around on the floor. So, it seems that the weight is probably accurate, given a half a pound or so.

By this time next month, I’d like to be down to 175. Only time will tell.

183 lbs.

This morning I weighed myself at 183. Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the month-and-a-half long period of introspection for Christians. I thought about if there was something I could abstain from for this period and the one thing I really thought of that may remind me I’m a human being is coffee. Though I don’t drink nearly as much of it as I used to, but still it’s something I drink a good deal of.

Not drinking it is a pretty small thing to abstain from, but one I felt reasonable and perhaps will help me a bit fitness wise.

I don’t think they had coffee back in Jesus’ day and I certainly don’t think they’d ever envision a time when people could simply have something steamy to drink in a disposable cup.

Thinking about all the coffee I drink, I realize that I must leave a landfill of paper waste behind each year.

Tonight we are supposed to have warm weather and I will be happy to get out for a run again. Last night was brutally cold and I was layered excessively. It feels like forever since it was even fall weather. As it stands, there are 22 days left of official winter and I am happy for that. The cold weather will likely stick around after that, but at least there’s a marker with which to use as a frame of reference that warmer days are coming.

I took this picture a few minutes after our first snowfall here in Albany back in mid November. Though we don’t have any snow on the ground right now, it feels like cold weather has been with us forever.

In the meantime, hopefully the coffee wont be hard. I’ve had to remind myself today twice, but I guess you just have to remind yourself and not make a big deal out of it.


We’ve had a few warm days in the Northeast before it became chilly again. Still, the streets and sidewalks are mostly clear here in Albany of snow and ice.

Last weekend I went on five and seven-mile runs. Two night this week, while the ice was melting, I went on smaller runs.

Yesterday I did a four-mile run and today I ran a five. It’s cold outside, but I’m happy that there is really only about a month of winter weather ahead of us. March in this part of Upstate New York isn’t exactly pleasant, but it’s not totally miserable either.

It feels good to be out running again as opposed to inside on a treadmill. It’s a good time to connect with myself and to listen to what my body is telling me. Still, I’m sure we’ll get some snow sooner or later and the sidewalks will be snowy and icy again. Meanwhile, I’m content with having been able to get out for some good runs.

182 lbs.

For about a year now I have been in the habit of weighing myself daily. Probably the majority of weight loss experts say that a person shouldn’t weigh his or herself everyday but there’s a lot of experts out there and a lot of advice that works for some and not for others.

Of course I am not happy with the above photograph. It’s a little over three years since my friend took that picture of me and I am about 40 lbs. lighter now than when it was taken.

Weighing myself every morning, recording the data on the lower right corner of each day helps me keep perspective and not let my weight get out of hand the way it did leading up to this picture.

It helps to have that feedback day-to-day, even if the added two or three pounds from the previous day is water. I liken it to checking your blood sugar as a diabetic. I’ve been writing about it for a while on this site.

This picture of me at a scuzzy bowling alley back in November 2008 probably doesn’t show enough of my body to demonstrate that I’ve shed some extra weight. Without becoming any more self-absorbed, I would try to find a picture more suitable. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

Still, I’ve much work to do and the key to being successful in losing weight and maintaining that success is to keep at it and not let up.

When I was in my early twenties I used to run all the time indoors and outdoors until my shirts were drenched in sweat. I had lost weight from my teenage years and was down to about 165 at one point. At the time I thought I’d never stop exercising, but sure enough, I did. For a period of about six years, I only exercised in fits and starts with no real sustained effort. My weight creeped up on me, culminating in the shape that I was in in that photo right there from January 2006.

There’s much work to be done in my life on this and it can only be done mindfully and purposefully and compassionately.

This morning, I could scarcely scrape up the energy to go to the gym so I let myself sleep in. I’d gone the previous four days and as much as I enjoy the elliptical machine or the treadmill, bike and ab exercises, it makes me tired. Good to treat the body with compassion and let it rest.