Kevin Youkilis has crossed the line

A day after I posted about how I think Kevin Youkilis has no basis for being angry about being plunked due to the fact that he girds himself with a big red bullet proof elbow pad and hangs out over the plate, Major League Baseball’s biggest whiner has charged the mound tonight in a game against the tigers.

Youkilis was angry that Detroit pitcher Rick Porcello plunked him in the back. I’ll get it out of the way that I hate the Red Sox and that it’s unfortunate that they were able to tie the ballgame up after the bench clearing incident, for which Youkilis will likely be suspended. I do believe however that as rough as it is to drill someone in the back, if there’s one player in the Boston lineup and perhaps the whole league who deserves to get whacked it’s Youkilis. Now, I’m saying this from the perspective of a guy who makes likely on one year less than this guy makes in a game or two, although I still wouldn’t want to be beaned. That said, Youkilis borders on cheating in that he’s got a huge portion of his body out over the plate. He’s asking to be hit with intent or on accident. If his career lasts a long time, perhaps he’ll challenge Don Baylor for HBP.

By virtue of the fact that he’s got so much armor on him and is living over that plate, where else is a pitcher going to hit him but anywhere other than the elbow. It could be worse. He could have gotten a head shot.

I think the umpire was right to eject Porcello in order to put an end to the beanballs, but since when did well-paid athletes become such crybabies? Youk seems to be leading the chorus. Nobody should enjoy being hit, but if there’s anyone who shouldn’t complain it’s this guy.


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