I wish I was one of hip folks in the Smirnoff commercials

I love these new Smirnoff Ice commercials that showcase young, fit, free-spirited people doing crazy things to beat the duldrums of summer life.

I just saw the one posted above, where these whippersnappers escape the sweltering summer heat. I guess one could say I come across as a bit bitter, but it’s really not about bitterness. Though it would be nice to do a slip and slide at a golf course with beautiful people, I’ve gotta say, I just really find these commercials very obnoxious. Not quite as loathesome as the New York Times weekend eition commercials, which showcase annoying, smug young professionals, but still very irritating.

The Smirnoff commercials are annoying because let’s face it the last thing that people who drink this stuff to do is to go and have some spontaneous fun that doesn’t involve boning one another (which is still very good, by the way). Let’s face it, for the most part when people get blitzed they stay that way, choosing to stay indoors rather than doing something fun. I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to do the slip and slie thing, but something about the squares they show doing it makes me itchy. I see these dudes bro-ing down more than actually getting the motivation to go outside and raid a golf course.

Look, I want to be young for the rest of my life and stay that way. When I’m 50 I hope I’m not constantly inoors. I want to do things to keep myself entertained. I guess my issue with these commercials is that in their showcasing of spritely beautifful people, they forget that a lot of people just become real bitchass once they have a glass of beer or a malt beverage.

I have a friend who is by all definitions an alcoholic. I grew up with him up here Upstate but lived with him for a little while in the city. He’s a good guy but a sloppy drunk, the kind who loses all sense of reasonable boy language, crowding the folks he talks to and being really loud and occasionally argumentive. My friend sees himself in the way that a lot of folks just really don’t see him, which is as a slick young New Yorker – perhaps the kind in the second Smirnoff Ice commercial I’ve posted. Really though, he’s the kinda guy who has on ocassion  passed out on the subway or done his own slip and slid down the stairs to his apartment. Doubtless, however, he’d really like these commercials. I think he sees himself as young and fit and, well, a person in the Smirnoff commercials. But hey, live the dream and the illusion of marketing if you have to.

I guess what I find really funny is that the idea of a commercial sliding down a hill while drunk that cautions consumers to rink responsibily! I’m not saying I wouldn’t go own the hill with a few drinks in me, but let’s face it, it’s probably not a good idea.


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