Something irritating that I kinda enjoyed

Yesterday was one of the few really spotless days we’ve had here in Albany since the summer season began. It was a great time to get out for a run, garden, cookout and clean you car out, which is what my downstairs neighbor and his girlfriend died with their Lexus. I know how boring it can be to clean a car without some tunes, so I can releate with my neighbor for playing some music while he cleaned – quite impressively – the car from inside and out (I could take some tips from him). To keep himself occupied and productive my neighbor played some rap. He was generous with it though. We all got to hear it. We not only got to hear it but feel it for two hours, in fact. My internal organs vibrated with all the “niggahs” and  “‘muthafuckas” from the songs that were kicking out of that system.

At one point however, he had some competetion from  the as an annoying a presence in this neighborhood, the ice cream man, who also idles his vehicle for hours on end at times to lure out the kids with the money from their kids.

I was cleaning my own apartment at the time and figured I’d grab my camera and point it at the bizarre juxtaposition outdoors.


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