182.6 (but the scale may be lying)

I photoshopped in some contrast and excessive lighting to cover up for the the fact that my toenails are disgusting. I’d better do something about that. On another blog that I have – which I’m pretty much done writing on – I have written about my weight loss journey. When I started, I was somewhere upwards of 220 lbs. Now I’m down significantly from there, without the help of weight loss aids. It’s involved more than anything just being more disciplined about what I eat and how much exercise I get.

Nevermind the toenails, just look at the number

At noontime, when I woke up, I went out for a run. It was about 4 miles. I’m good and sweaty now and have a few errands to run before going to a BBQ in which I’m supposed to bring something non-meat for my friend to cook up.

I’ve been telling myself that I want to get down to 175 for sometime. Last spring, when I was at about 188, I was telling myself I’d do it by mid summer. Fast forward to mid-summer right now and I’m still not there. A few weeks ago I was up around 189 (and no, it wasn’t the toenails), and I’ve brought it down a bit. Really, I’d like to Biggest Loser myself down to 175, but without the ridiculously unrealistic workout standards; just watching what I eat and how I feel.

The scale recorded a few weights today – one before and after I used the rest room. Then it didn’t seem to add any weight for the camera I was carrying around my neck. I made sure to put it on the most level part of my floor and then reweighed myself. It then recorded the previous low weight of 182.6 and I remembered, the scale has a memory function that it suppoed to account for being shuffled around on the floor. So, it seems that the weight is probably accurate, given a half a pound or so.

By this time next month, I’d like to be down to 175. Only time will tell.


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