Photo of the day (I’m officially a street pervert)

I guess I’m now a an official street pervert, you know, one of those guys who takes pictures of womens’ asses with his cellphone or conceled digital camera.

I took this one yesterday on my way to go get paint, a young woman pushing a stroller with the word ‘sexy’  on the seat of her pants. Not really too sure what compelled me to take the picture – well of course I know. More so, what compelled me to post the picture. I guess it’s that there is some comedy in the world. I’m not exactly a good dresser, but I’d like to take some pride in that I don’t wear jeans shorts, tazmanian devil shirts or shirts with a beer logo on them.

It’s kinda  strange that a mother – no matter how young – would be seen pushing her kid around while wearing a pair of paints with a word emblazoned across her bum. Though, I guess that the fact that the kid can’t read yet-unless he’s a kid genius – would insulate him from any shame or embarrassment he could feel.


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