What to do on a day off

I’m flabbergasted right now. It’s almost 2:30 in the afternoon and asides from a four mile run around Albany, I’ve done nothing. Still, there’s things that would benefit me to accomplish. The first is sending out a coverletter and resume for a public relations job that I am interested in. The second is to paint my bedroom.

remnants of saturday's street corner fireworks show

My last roommate lived in the room and did the most horrid paint job. Great color – a soft shade of green that makes me think of avocado – but just painted haphazardly about the walls. Uneven – heavy in some places and too light in others – and spilling over on to the trim and ceiling, it needs to be done.

I think I’ll head over to Home Depot or Lowes later to pick up some paint and supplies and walk around with my camera. I’ve worked my ass off for the last six months and I’m happy to have a few days off from work. Still, I hate that it’s 2:30 and I’ve not done anything and am sitting here in my livingroom watching Headline News, where they continue to rehash Michael Jackson news. Right now they’re covering a story on some grave robbing at a black cemetery in Chicago, which is kinda interesting.

My roommate works mostly nights and gets a lot of his information through Headline News. It really is the most bootleg of the news networks, but also the least preachy and most harmless. FOX is filled with right wing lunacy and MSNBC is clearly titlted towards ivory tower beourgois (sp) liberals.

I’d personally rather watch Nancy Grace flip her lid over Jackson’s death or some kid who got abducted from a trailer park than watch David Gregory, Keith Olbermann or, gasp, Rachel Maddow.


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