Set to painting

I was able to accomplish some of the things that I wanted to get done for today. Today’s a Thursday and I hope not to sleep until nearly noon tomorrow. For now, the resume and coverletter are done and I am going to the place tomorrow to drop it off. After a few weeks of not having to wear a suit to work, I should probably look dapper tomorrow.

In the meantime, I spent about $60 on paint at Home Depot. Travelling to the spot on Central Avenue in Albany is always a strange experience. Whenever I go there I remember what two gay friends of mine have told me which is that the store is known as “Homo Depot” to some folks because, well, it’s sorta a rest stop for married men who enjoy the company of men.

When I get to walking around there I wonder who there looking at plumming fixtures, power tools and drywall may also have some Durex in the cab of his truck. Is there a code that cruisers use at Home Depot to identify themselves and attract others to them? Who knows. I swear I was only there for paint.

Expensive paint, too. Well, expensive for my tastes. My room is basically a closet with a closet attached to it, so the attendent told me that I need not buy more than a one gallon can. We’ll see. I’m prepared to go back to get another (not to cruise of course, but to get more paint if need be).

Right now, I’ve begun the laborious task of taping the trim, windows, outlets and moldings. I’m figuring it will take several hours to do it all. I may have to go out to the corner store later to get some alcohol to help me through it. In the meantime, I’m listening to some music I ripped and have on iTunes; Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, David Frizzell, Emmylou Harris, George Jones, Allison Krauss and a bunch of other good country musicians. I’m hoping it will keep me relaxed and occupied as I paint into the late hours of the night.


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