Coming to terms with the Red Sox inevitability; while still hating them

I’m watching Game One of the ALCS and the Red Sox are winning 2-0. Dice-K has pitched brilliantly in the big situations, when there have been ducks on the pond. I feel like I just need to give in to the fac tthat the Red Sox are going to have a repeat in the World Series. I hate the Red Sox. Though I’m a Mets fan, I really hate this team a lot, which I’ve written about on this blog, but I have to concede the most important point which is that this team is good and their fans are with them all step of the way. It’s 1,500 miles away, but I just heard a Youk chant down in St. Petersburg. The Sox just loaded the bases on a bad pitch by Balfour and, well, the smart cash is on the Red Sox. I can’t watch anymore unless I want to admire how good and how clutch this ballclub is. I predict Sox in five games.


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  1. […] that the Tampa Bay Rays blew a seven run lead to the Red Sox, I was pretty convinced that my initial prediction of yet another Red Sox ALCS was going to come true, to my dismay. Boston sports fans in celebratory […]

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