211 lbs.

I weighed myself before a good four-mile run. I am 211 pounds. I understand why it is so hard to lose weight now. I eat when I’m bored, anxious or perhaps said. The last two days I’ve been asking myself the question, “what am I feeling” when I begin to feel hungry and I am finding more and more an emotion ease that coincides with and perhaps causes a feeling of hunger in me.

Rather than submitting, there may be other things to do. Who knows. I’ve been pretty steady at 211 for the last three months, occasionally dipping up or down but rarely far below that. I’d like to be at 209 by the end of the week and you’d better believe that I’ll weigh myself this upcoming Sunday.


2 Responses

  1. I am struggling with the same issues. Jogging isn’t an option for me though, the impact screws up knees and back. I discoverd aquajogging. You put on a floatation belt and jog while floating. Your upright and jogging but your feet never impact. It’s great, but so far, not much weight lost because after the workout, I “treat” myself to a snack witht the justification that I have “earned it.”


  2. I think the key is to ask yourself what your mental state is when you feel the urge to eat after a workout. Try instead on snacking on something healthy such as apples or carrots. Thanks for reading.

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