Waking early

I roll out of bed too often to start my day, rather than rising, getting ready, taking a nice walk to spread the blood that has gone stagnant inside my body from the previous night. As I was getting ready for work (I’m about to leave in a few minutes), I realized that I had a few extra minutes to kill. With the exception of opening a dog food can for my buddy Marcus, I’m all set this morning, ready to take on the world.

Lately, I’ve been down. Things have been a little irritating, workwise, socially, romantically, etc., but the one refuge I feel that I’ve had is my alone time, be it in the mid day or at night. How nice it is to have an hour of this in the morning with which to ready myself for the day.

I made sure to give Marcus a good sized walk and it was nice to see a part of my neighborhood in this city that I never see early in the morning, but through the window of my car as I frantically speed over the cobblestone streets for the expressway. It’s nice to feel prepared for the day.  It’s a great thing.

I’ve been running a lot lately and have shed some pounds that have been tricky to rid myself of. Last week, I ran 21 miles. Yesterday, I ran five. I hope that this isn’t a compulsive thing, but just recently, I’ve found my love of running again, that which was gone for several years. I enjoy running immensely and with my MP3 player, which I shamelessly plugged a few weeks ago, I find the experience all the more fulfilling.

Certainly, I did not have a chance to see the sun come up in the east. I didn’t wake up all that Early. But what I did have this morning I’m thankful for; some respite from rushing out the door and living outside of the moment.


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