Four miles later…

How often due you get to hear Fought in a War by Belle and Sebastian, Rick James’ Mary Jane, Lonesome Ornery and Mean by Waylon Jennings and Ja Rule’s poignant It’s Murda in a row? Not often. But you can when you run with an MP3 player. At one stretch during my run tonight down to Hackett Boulevard in Albany and back, I listened to those songs consecutively, which is somewhat strange considering how totally different each song was. Like I said in my last post, running isn’t fun to me like it used to be and I can feel the weight I’ve gained over the last six years, but it sure beats the hell out of being sedentary. A speed walker was moving at just maybe a slightly slower pace than I (I overtook her while running down an incline on Manning Boulevard). Regardless, I’m done and back where we all sometimes want to be: the couch!


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