If Christians actually embraced Biblical fundamentalism, there'd be a lot of stone chucking

It’s an often quoted passage from an ancient Jewish text used to add justification to opposition to the homosexual lifestyle:

“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.”

Leviticus 20:13

Seen in ancient times, one would scarcely cringe at it. In 2007, only the most ardent psychopathic Biblical loon could embrace it.

But why? If the Bible is the inerrant word of God than shouldn’t followers gather wheelbarrows of stones and march down to the nearby strip looking for effeminate men or butch women to hurl them at? I mean, after all, it’s in the Bible so it can’t be wrong.

I’m being facetious of course. I am not a fundamentalist and would never advocate stoning anybody. Interestingly, Christ, in pardoning an adulterous woman seemed to have put God’s indellible stamp of disaproval on the whole act of summarily executing people for their sins.

Rather than saying I have the answer to the homosexual question, I can only ask this question: whose sins are greatest? In the past month I’ve done things that would certainly be shunned by those who’ve written the Old Testament, and perhaps God himself. I’ve been guilty of premarital relations and of sexual intercourse. Should not then I be put to death with stones? I’m sure that could be discerned somewhere between Genesis and Malachi?

I guess my point in writing this is that religion seems to me to be a great force for change but also a greater force for alienation. It can be the justification for all types of evil behavior and self-righteous violence. Scripture, which to me is not inerrant, can be used to justify all types of foulness including the death penalty, child abuse and perhaps even abortion.

That doesn’t mean sin doesn’t exist. It’s something we struggle with. Certainly one must imagine that such a thing as sin exists as we can feel it’s detriment on our interpersonal relationships, body and soul. That said, if the God of Jesus is a God of love and forgiveness, there’s no need for humans to take up the stone. They have one Judge who is God.

I suspect that if there ever were a Biblical Fundamentalist Christian state it would be something like that of the earliest settlers to the shores of New England or, more recently, the Taliban. I think even the most ardent Bible thumper can agree that’s not really something we want.


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  1. Hi,

    You’re right that Jesus did away with the Old Testament ceremonial and civil laws. We don’t stone homosexuals, and we can have garments made of two different types of fabric.

    However, Jesus reinforced, and even raised the bar on the Old Testament moral laws (the Ten Commandments). You’re right that premarital sex is a sin, and so is homosexuality. But, Jesus said that even looking at a woman with lust is like committing adultery with her in your heart (Matthew 5:27-28). Hatred or unjustified anger is like murder in your heart (Matthew 5:21-22).

    If you’ve ever looked with lust, or had premarital sex, you’re a fornicator, and the Bible is clear that you’ll spend eternity in hell (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). You’ve broken God’s law, and like any guilty criminal, you’ll be punished. A good judge can’t just forgive guilty criminals, and God can’t just forgive people either.

    But, let’s say you’re standing in front of the judge, and you’re guilty, and the judge gives you a fine you can’t pay. You’re about to be led off to prison, when someone steps up and pays your fine. The judge will let you go, because justice has been served. Jesus has offered to pay your fine. You accept that gift by repenting (being sorry enough for your premarital sex, lust, lying, etc. that you’re willing to never do it again), and putting your faith in him.

    You have God’s promise that if you died today, without Jesus, you’ll go to hell. God wants you to come to repentance, but He’s also infinitely just, and He has to punish sin wherever it is found.


  2. Your example of Jesus eating with sinners and Paul telling Christians in Corinth not to eat with ‘Christian brothers’ living in sin ignores the different contexts of each quotes. Paul never contradicts Jesus’ teaching on meeting with non christians so as to reach out tho them in love. Here, Paul is warning the Corinthian Christians not to associate with people claiming to be Christian brothers but living in obvious sin, meaning they are dabgerous and can lead Christians from the truth. Both contexts are very different and show no contradiction whatsoever. Most apparent contradictions are actually a failure to see the texts within thier proper context. All Scripture is inspired by God but God does not bypass the culture, character and styles of the vessels He used to write it.

  3. billphilips,

    “You have God’s promise that if you died today, without Jesus, you’ll go to hell.”

    Does this mean that the greatest percentage of the people on this planet, whom ARE NOT Christians, are all going to hell? The Jews, the Muslims, the Wiccans (and on and on and on)? If your God truly wanted everyone to “come to repentance” as you’ve indicated, surely he would’ve foreseen this conundrum…?

    “Pleasant” debate aside, I want nothing to do with your God. It’s YOUR hell. YOU burn in it.

  4. Hey mate–

    Great questions-

    I think that seeking after God is the first step; the second is to walk, talk, speak, breathe Jesus–this can ONLY be accomplished through the help of God’s Spirit in us–not by ourselves, which is mankind’s usual approach. It certainly does not mean that we will be accomplishing this immediately–its a slow gradual process, like water gradually eroding a piece of stone.

    Shalom, my friend-


  5. Please pray for me. For I cant see a reason why you all need a book of morals lessons to follow. Why can’t you just realize that evolution is leaving you out of it.
    Pray, pray I say, pray to your god that you might someday come to the realization that your gonna die and that there is no afterlife.
    For on the day that you do, you will realize how much of your life you have wasted on this insignificant idea that will never be.
    Please pray for me, so I may feel rest assured that your all wasting more of your 1 chance at life praying for someone that you don’t know, don’t care about and will never meet. Waste yet another moment as I have writing this, you closed minded FUCKS.
    Your all walking corpses anyways because
    the day you were born WAS your funeral idiots.

  6. JTHM, are you saying that people don’t need rules ? That we should be able to do what ever we want ? If someone feels like robbing a bank should they be aloud ? If someone feels the need to have sex with their kids should they be aloud ? Negative, EVERYONE needs rules and everyone has someone to answer to. If everyone cared for everyone else, they would never need to worry about themselves because someone else would be taking care of them. God says DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU, if everyone would do as God says everything would be great and we wouldn’t have people like you freaking out @ christians on-line. If you’ve got a beef with God tell him about it ( I dare you ) and see what he says.

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