Oh poor Don Imus, radio loses yet another unfunny host

I totally disagree with the furor over Don Imus. Not because I think that what he said was alright. Clearly, what he said was tasteless and totally incendiary and only the most pathetic angry white dude who sits outside all summer watering his lawn could think it was funny. On the other hand, news of his firing is kinda funny to me. I mean, Don Imus’ show has never been funny to me. It’s always seemed like something of a boys club for people with no real sense of humor.

My only question–and if anyone who reads this has an idea, please clarify–is how was the CBS decision to fire this old bastard a smart one? Were people really going to remember this a year down the road and stay away from his show? It seems like CBS was making some serious cash off of this guy. They paid him $10 million a year. So, how are they going to fill that slot with someone lucrative? It seems like someone must have had the goods on Imus. Personally, if I were Don Imus–and I’m glad I’m not, except for the money–I’d want to choke the shit out of Rev. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, who both seemed to have divvied up this one between the two of them.

Otherwise, I don’t care. It was time for Don Imus to retire. He has very little to offer the world of broadcasting and keeping him on is only encouraging bad radio.


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  1. to answer your question, i think it was a good idea to fire Imus because there are plenty of people like Rev, Al Sharpton, who wont tolerate the comments Imus made. But still, if you were in the place of CBS…or whatever station..would you risk a law suit against your company for one comment a stupid radio host made? I would never take the fall for something I didnt do, especially if Im paying the other person $10 million a year.
    The bottom line is that I am black, and I don’t agree with anyone being called a nappy headed hoe. Especially when people of my race are being called that. So do I agree with the firing of Don Imus? YES I DO

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