Don Imus is contrite, but his show still isn't funny

I’ve never understood Don Imus or his radio show. Broadcast from New York City’s WFAN, the home of my New York Mets, I’ve been exposed to the talk jock for some years, although I’ve never been a fan. I don’t get Imus’ persona. The whole cowboy hat and talking about race horse politics is boring and in some senses insulting to me because it’s not funny…At all. I don’t think political humor is often funny and I certainly don’t buy into the whole parody songs thing that guys like Imus and Rush Limbaugh do. It cries of middle aged man, unfunny middle aged man. I picture a guy who cares too much about his lawn and hates young people. He’s surly and self-righteous and his idea of self-deprecating humor involves making fun of his golf swing.

Anyway, Imus is in some hot water now and has to do the Sharpton Shuffle. By that, I mean he has to walk lock-step with civil rights leader charlatain Al Sharpton to wiggle his way out of some ugly comments he made about members of the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team last week, calling them “nappy headed hos” or something like that.

Why would he say that? I have no idea. Nor do I care that he said it. Nobody listens to his show anyway, except of course the guys who make jokes about their slice or their nine iron. Sure, his comments are insulting to blacks, but let’s face it, it’s Don Imus. Who cares? This guy’s fans will all be gone within the next decade, their wives left with modest insurance checks and the pictures of them standing next to Phil Mickelson at the Greater Charlotte Celebrity Skins Tourney handed down to sons or daughters.

I guess I just think that it’s really corny how people need to atone for their racism and ignorance by going to Al Sharpton to receive some type of absolution. I don’t think that’s cool at all. Al Sharpton is in many ways no better than Don Imus. He’s an extortion artist, a liar and someone who says and does things for shock value, like the guy with the ten gallon hat behind the microphone. Why not have a heartfelt apology to the people he’s insulted; the Rutgers players.

That of course begs the question, would they want Don Imus around? Probably not. If I were them I’d work on my jump shots for next year or get ready to study for finals. It doesn’t matter. In a few weeks, when this has blown over and he’s received the sacrament of reconciliation from Reverend Al, he’ll likely be back at it again because that’s what he does. His job is to entertain the Dockers crowd who wants to hear that.

As for Don Imus playing himself off as a great humanitarian for his children’s charities, that’s fine. But to make a point to show that 10 percent of the kids in your charity are black, is just tacky and par for the course I suppose if you’re dancing the two-step with the likes of Sharpton.

So to the Rutgers basketball team, good luck. You’ll have a better chance however working on zone defense than getting an actual non self-serving apology.


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