If you're gonna send one of these things, make sure you put it in the right envelope

With the Internet connecting people from every walk of life and every social and political perspective, this item has certainly been around a lot so likely if you’re reading this, you’ve heard of it before. I’ve yet to break a story!

 Two nights ago CNN’s Paula Zahn invited Aspen Baker, the founder of the post-abortion counseling organization Exhale on her show to talk about a new and controversial  sympathy card, one you’re not likely to find in the stationary section at CVS or Walgreens.

It’s an abortion sympathy card and you can send them through the Internet. An e-card! Awesome. But there’s others. Awesome!

I’ll begin by saying that I’m pro-choice. By default. I don’t like abortion. I think it’s pretty revolting. I also think it is the proverbial red herring in politics. Both camps throw it out when in my belief abortion effects our collective society much less than the global climate, war and the economy. I am convinced making it illegal is about as effective as the war on drugs. Pro-choice activists—I hate that term because anyone can call themselves an activist these days—have a valid point. It will just go underground. My solution is not giving it any public subsidies, of which it receives very few. Fair enough.

 People must face the consequences, whatever they may be, bodily or spiritually of having a living thing removed from their body.

 And that’s why I find these cards so incredibly tacky. Because the people who are so gung-ho about abortion are generally speaking the ones who want things to be both ways.

They would like the right to terminate a pregnancy—which is offensive to some—but they would also like their decision to be seen as sacrosanct and beyond question.

It’s a free marketplace of ideas and some people can handle abortion better than other. As a social worker, my mother told me there were several women she came across in her time working in an inner city hospital who had numerous ones

I generally believe that God is merciful. There’s no reason to believe He’d be any less merciful to a woman with an abortion than he would to a common criminal or someone who watches pornography day and night. I fully support the ideas of forgiveness, redemption and personal growth in life.

But something about wanting things both ways just seems like a joke. If an abortion is such a serious decision, then why how is a sympathy card–printed or downloaded–going to mean anything. It’s an empty gesture like a yellow ribbon on a tree or one of those Lance Armstrong wristbands. Just idiotic in my opinion. Birthdays and anniversaries and graduations and promotions already mean very little. And meaning very little, a cottage industry of card makers swoops in to grab up the cash of those who are too lazy or to insincere or dishonest to admit that these are boring events in life. Therefore, a card in the mail with a $5 bill will suffice. Awesome.

<——————–I love this one for it’s intense emotional detachment.


3 Responses

  1. I would have to respecfully disagree that abortion is ok. I believe that God is merciful, but murder is murder, regardless of how it’s done. That’s why I don’t believe in the death penalty either. Yea I know, i’m like what 1 in millions that believe that way…

    Then again if I thought about it, how would I feel if i was raped and ended up pregnant? I certainly wouldn’t want a reminder of what he did to me, but I still don’t think I could bring myself to kill what is half mine.

  2. I found this website looking for a sympathy card for a friend who’s mother just passed away. I wanted one which used the proceeds of card sales to supportpro-life organizations. Using keywords “sympathy cards, pro-life” I came across this site which had an attention getting title. Obviously this is not offering the sale of sympathy cards, lol. But I did find this an interesting article. Please allow me, a stranger, to respond.

    I have mixed feelings for these cards as I have had several friends and relatives suffer one or more abortions, all being told it would not effect them in the long run, all who have found that to be a horrible lie. This is why I have become pro-life/anti-abortion. Because if abortion was indeed all that the pro-abortion people claim it is, it’s supporters would not have to resort to the lies and half-truths that my loved ones were given. Those that support abortion would not feel it necessary to lie or withhold truths to garner support from the general public. If abortion was as simple and o.k. as those that sell it claim, then abortion ‘camps’ would not be losing supporters when people make an active effort into looking fully into all the facts. Women who have had abortions would not be joining pro-life groups by the tens and thousands as they are indeed doing. (I can provide weblinks that give valid polls that support my statements)

    Sympathy is indeed needed for those who have had an abortion. But cards like these are not going to be given by people who sincerely know or understand the truth of the victims pain. Chances are those that truly feel sympathy for the woman for her complete loss have been excluded from the woman’s life as they are considered to be ‘not supportive’, for they were the ones attempting to stop the woman from harming herself, ending a human life (whatever term for that life may be used), trying to convince her that this very harmful step will alter her life in a profound and negative way and can never be taken back.
    A person who sends these cards to a woman either does not really know what abortion does to a woman, or doesn’t really care for her.I make this claim, for a woman who has an abortion, a card like this would only bring about more pain.

    And that is why I have mixed feelings about these cards. For though they do address a valid loss and pain that stems from it, it would be like a german supporter of Hitler sending a sympathy card to a Jewish mother whose child died in the gas chamber in 1939.

  3. Mysti,
    you are definately not 1 in millions. Just doing a variety of types of google searches using the terms “abortion” and “polls” and whatever other keywords you like will show that 30 years after Roe vs Wade, the camps are still pretty evenly split between the anti-abortion (pro-life)camps and the pro-abortion (anti-life)camps(Let’s face it, the term “prochoice” really doesn’t state anything. Even the pro-abortion groups state that if abortion was made illegal, women would still make the choice to have one. A statement that proves that the term “pro-choice” was simply a propaganda tool as nothing can really ever take away a women’s right to choose, unless you live in China where they force abortions on women).

    Look a bit more deeply and one can see that the pro-abortion camp is split between those who feel it is ok to have an abortion being in the minority, while those who feel abortion isn’t right, but don’t think it’s o.k. to force their morality on others is larger in that group (Imagine the society we’d have if that last belief decided what should be law and what should’nt be law….we’d have no laws, for all laws are a matter of forcing our moral beliefs on those that feel it’s o.k. for them to do (burglary, rape, assault, running traffic lights, etc).

    So in the big scheme of things Mysti, you are in the majority. It’s just the silent one. The loud minority is counting on the silent majority to stay silent, this is how the loud minority convinces the silent majority that that majority’s opinion is minority and theirs (the minority) is the majority one.

    As rape, it is odd that rape constitutes less then 1% of abortions, yet it is one of the main arguments for abortions. Add to that the statement of the women who have had abortions after rape stating that it was like being raped all over again, only worse because they did it to themselves compared to the statements of women who gave of 9 months of their lives so that another might live, stating that they never regretted it, the arguments using rape to support abortion seems even more ridiculous.

    Facts for my statements can be found using any internet search. I can provide websites if the owner of this site approved.

    Thank you again for allowing me to post my opinion.

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